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If your company is interested in buying a complete oil refinery, or associated refinery plant and equipment, the most effective way we can assist you is if you register your contact details with us as a prospective buyer.

Once you have registered your details with us, we will update you by email whenever we have new listings of oil refineries available for sale on the website, so you won't have to keep checking the site in case you miss something.

Please be assured that your email address will be held in the strictest confidence. If you wish to remove your email address from our list at any time, simple instructions will be provided so that you can remove yourself immediately

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For Companies Without An Active Website

If, for some reason, your company does not have an active website, related to the petroleum industry, you may use the box below to provide a link to some other website on the internet where we can find a reference to your company, such as an official oil industry or refining industry association or organization.

Please note that membership of a general B2B trading website will NOT enable us to validate your company.

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